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Best Chiropractor Colorado Springs

 Internet Battle Royale: Who is the Best Chiropractor in Colorado Springs? 

Best_Chiropractor_Colorado_Springs.jpgWe noticed that many people were wondering on the web, "Who is the best chiropractor in Colorado Springs?"

To claim the title of Best Chiropractor in Colorado Springs would be boastful, and is best suited to be announced by patients. Dr. Molly Kallenbach is a very understated person and wouldn't dare claim that title herself. 

You are welcome to read Google Reviews or 41 reviews posted on about Dr. Molly Kallenbach. While these will give you some encouraging stories of patient's health battles and successes, it is always best to give your Chiropractor a test run, and interview them.

That is why we offer a free consultation, zero obligation, to come and check out the office, staff, and Dr. Molly Kallenbach.  

Chiropractic is often hands-on and a very personal relationship. Your Colorado Springs Chiropractor will become your doctor of choice for a whole host of ailments. Choosing your chiropractor and deciding who is the best in Colorado Springs is therefore a very personal choice.  

Determining who is "best" is a very subjective decision, and it is often based on what health issue you are struggling with. No Chiropractor is best at treating everything; each has 1-4 niches that they are a really good at. 

Some doctors focus just on nutrition and re-balancing blood chemistry, while others are experts at spinal correction. 

What may be unique about Dr. Molly Kallenbach is that she melds structural rehab and blood chemistry, so the end results is a very whole-body approach to health care. 

Dr. Molly is certified in Chiropractic Biophysics - a highly technical and researched spinal rehabilitation specialty in Chiropractic. She is studied nutrition in her undergraduate studies, and she is a walking picture of vitality, which she fought hard for by making major changes in her diet, lifestyle and supplementation. Dr. Molly was also a personal trainer at one point, and knows what it takes to strengthen the body and lose weight. And she is a big believer in the value of soft tissue work, like massage and ART and dry needling.

She really tries to meld many skills to do what is appropriate, at the appropriate time. Business models within the Chiropractic industry can lead to doctors becoming "one trick ponies." While this is an efficient model for the staff and doctor, it is often not best for the patient, so Dr. Molly has chosen to take her practice a different direction.

With some many great Chiropractors in Colorado Springs, we think it would be very hard to determine the "best," but we'd love a shot to be your favorite. To test Dr. Molly out, give us a call at 719.475.8676. We look forward to meeting you.   


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  • "I was skeptical about how much chiropractic could really help me. Now, I wish I would have tried it sooner."