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Car Accident Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Car Accident
Handbook to Health and Paying the Resulting Healthcare Bills

car_accident_colorado_springs.jpgIf you have been involved in a car accident in Colorado Springs, then it is very possible that you are in need of serious pain relief and a good Colorado Springs personal injury attorney.

Even small "fender benders" can leave those involved with whiplash, headaches, migraines, shoulder injuries from seat belts, neck pain, back pain, vertigo, and all the bumps, bruises, and cuts that go along with hitting another object at high speeds.

Often, the first place you go after a car accident is the emergency room to see if anything major has happened. This is a great idea, but remember that an emergency room is trained in emergency care, not rehabilitation. So, you may find that while nothing is broken or gushing blood, you are still experiencing severe pain.

car_accident_colorado_springs.jpgThis was the experience Dr. Molly Kallenbach, a local Colorado Springs back doctor, had when she was in a head-on collision at the age of 19 in Southern California. She went straight to the hospital, where they took X-rays of her back and neck, said she was fine and sent her on her way with pain killing prescription drugs. 

The only problem was that she was not okay. The drugs left her feeling like she was living in a bad dream, and the headaches kept coming, day after day. 

Her parents finally took her to a back doctor in Redlands, CA, and with a few gentle adjustments to re-align her spine and neck she finally found pain relief. 

Pain is an alarm signal from your body saying, "There is something wrong here!" Resting your body is excellent, but the sooner you begin to rehabilitate your body with the easier it will be to recover.

One of the upsides after a Colorado Springs car accident is that depending on the severity of your healthcare needs, Colorado MedPay will pick up the entire tab, if you have auto insurance. MedPay is an car accident rider that helps offset the bills of for car accident victims, at no cost to you. MedPay pays a minimum of $5000 unless you request more and have been paying for more, prior to your car accident in Colorado Springs.

Five-thousand dollars doesn't go far if you require reconstructive surgery, ambulance care, and/or emergency room care, but it can go a long ways in rehabilitating your spine with physical therapy and chiropractic care.  

If your bills exceed what your MedPay and other insurance will pay, then it will be in your best interest to speak with a Colorado Springs attorney, specifically a Colorado Springs personal injury attorney. Because they make money, when you make money, they will be happy to speak with you. We have several referrals we'd like to provide to you for effective, personable Colorado Springs attorneys to make your search that much easier. 

The main point you should take from this is that car accidents are traumatic events, even if they don't instantly feel traumatic, and there are programs like MedPay and personal injury attorneys that - at no cost to you - can help you recover and rehabilitate so that this one-time event doesn't continue to wreck havoc on your life. 

If you have been in a car accident in Colorado Springs and you'd like to find pain relief, rehabilitate, or just get checked out by an expert back doctor who has experienced the trials of post car accident life, just click the new patient button below. We will provide you with a complete spinal analysis and if you choose to begin the rehaliation process, we will put together a comprehensive plan of physical therapies, massage therapy, chiropractic care, and structural rehabilitation - each as needed. We look forward to meeting and serving you. 


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