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Colorado Springs Chiropracter Gets Out of Her Mental Box to Give Patients What They Want, on Their Terms

Chiropracter.jpgThrive is owned by Colorado Springs Chiropracter (more properly spelled and pronounced "Chiropractor," but for this article, we'll spell it "Chiropracter"), Dr. Molly Kallenbach.

After 7 years of practice, Dr. Molly has noticed a great divide between what her new patients want, and the way that most traditional chiropractic clinics have been operating their business. 

Dr. Molly's new patients often say, "I don't want to be treated like cattle, being moved in and out." This is a common problem, not just for Chiropracters; it is also a major problem for traditional medical doctors. Both, due to business models, insurance, and other business issues, often see patients for a sum total of 3-5 minutes. Patients question whether they are getting quality care, and some are bothered by the forced efficiency. 

Dr. Molly's new patients also say, "I want someone who will accept my insurance. I don't want a year long commitment. I don't want to be talked down to. I can't pay for a huge upfront plan with a $3000-plus financial commitment. I just want pain relief. And, I need someone who is open on Saturday."

Well, you have spoken, and we have listened, which is uncommon. One thing that you'll find about Dr. Molly is that she is an uncommonly good listener, and she truly cares. She is a nurturer, which is an excellent trait to have in health care. 

When you walk in to many Chiropracter offices, you may get the sense that you must play by their rules. There is nothing inherently bad about that. The only problem we have seen is that if you want responsible patients, then it is important that you meet patients where they are at, rather than asking them to make commitments that they are intrinsically unwilling to make.

The result of these types of Chiropracter models is that many patients end up walking right back out the door, because their wants and needs are not being met. The Chiropracter may have told them what they needed to hear - which is great! - but the patients couldn't or wouldn't receive it. The percentages of these types of scenarios are very high, maybe even as high as 50 to 65-percent in many offices:  Patient walks in, Chiropracter hard sells them on their idea of health care, and patient walks right back out.

We have tried a different approach. We are open 6-days a week, because you want us to be. We accept your insurance; not because we enjoy the pain and misery, but you paid good money for that insurance every month and you (understandably) want you to use it. We created service plans that work for you, rather than plugging you into our system. Our services are tailored to fit your commitment and your financial ability. Both of these are very important, because sometimes we all have champagne tastes on a beer budget. We meet you where you are at. 

I think you find high quality care, with caring listening doctors, at a price you can commit to and afford, in a way that suits your wants and needs. 

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  • "I was skeptical about how much chiropractic could really help me. Now, I wish I would have tried it sooner."