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Top 4 Questions to Ask When Selecting Your Chiropractic Clinic in
Colorado Springs

During our 7 years in the Chiropractic industry, we have listened intently to all the complaints and praises from patients looking for a chiropractic clinic in Colorado Springs. We have heard some awful tales, and some amazingly wonderful stories. They tend to center on the following 4 categories: 

1. What is Your Chiropractic Philosophy?

chiropractic_clinic_colorad_springs.jpgPhilosophy yields results. Haven't you read, "As a Man Thinketh," by James Allen (we've hyperlinked a free pdf download for you)? It is the number one most recommended book by great motivators, master minds and leaders like Zig Ziglar and Tony Robbins. Your philosophy is everything. 

In Chiropractic and health care it is the same.

Consider this example: We spend more than $2 trillion dollars a year on health care in the US - that's more than any other country on planet Earth, twice as much as second place Canada. Health Affairs and Kaiser Permanente have both stated that 75% of all health care dollars spent in the US is spent on chronic preventable disease. 

Now, consider the the philosophy that created that result: 

"Care that seeks to prevent disease, promote health, and prolong and enhance the quality of life, is not considered medically necessary."  Medicare (HCH 2251.3)

Philosophy yields results. 

It is the same among Chiropractic clinics in Colorado Springs. There are Chiropractors who do not take X-rays. There are Chiropractors who believe that the spinal adjustment is the "end all" to back pain and health care. There are Chiropractors that sell 2-year commitments, at76 visits per year. There are Chiropractors that believe that efficiency is what you want. In comparison, this is the philosophies we hold dear:

a. X-rays diagnose severity and reduce the possibility of misdiagnoses, both of which are hugely important. We've found cancer on X-rays, medical devices that patients didn't tell us about, arthritis, osteoporosis, fractures, scoliosis, completely reversed neck curves, and more. Practicing chiropractic without X-rays is dangerous and dramatically impacts results. If you don't know that you have a reverse curve, and that it can be remedied, then you may go to a Colorado Springs Chiropractor, but continue to have pain for years, and interrupt vital nerve flow from your brain to the rest of your body, causing dysfunction in your organs and tissues.  

b. The spinal adjustment is an amazing tool, but it is not our only tool in our tool belt. We've had patients walk in our chiropractic clinic with back pain and the remedy was not a spinal adjustment, but rather an inexpensive mineral that eliminated the patient's muscle spasm in a few hours - he was ecstatic. Chiropractors do much more than address back pain. In fact, some chiropractors don't work with back pain or adjust the spine - they focus solely on nutrition and blood testing. In fact, one of our associates at Thrive was the medical director for the US Olympic Committee, and he would often order 75 blood tests a day. 

The point is, that the body is simple, but not so simple that a spinal adjustment will heal all things. It'd be nice if it was that simple. At Thrive, we truly use a whole-body approach, when necessary. We offer nutrition consultation, blood testing, and many more services that get at the root of your problem.  

c. We meet people where they are at - this includes their commitment level and their financial ability. We don't demand that you play by our rules. We tell you what you need, and then we work with what you can or want to do. We even have pay-per-visit options. 

d. We believe that you want results more than you want efficiency. High volume chiropractic clinics can do a lot of good for a lot of people, but they tend to miss things, because you cannot offer high quality health care in 3 minute segments. We wish that was possible, but it isn't. That model breaks down regarding patient care. We spend the time necessary to get at the root and address that. 

2. Do You Accept Insurance? 

chiropractic_clinic_colorado_springs.jpgBilling insurance is a complete pain. We bill. They deny. Thirty-three percent of claims are denied, just because. If you resubmit, they will not be denied. It is a corrupt and crazy system. The role of an insurance company is to not pay your claims, because the spread between what you pay the insurance company, and what they don't pay, is profit. Take a look the financials of insurance companies, and you will find that they are some of the most cash-heavy enterprises on planet Earth, while your legitimate medical needs often do not get paid for. 

Plus, remember the quote from Medicare - whose policies also direct the private insurers: 

"Care that seeks to prevent disease, promote health, and prolong and enhance the quality of life, is not considered medically necessary."  Medicare (HCH 2251.3)

Insurance companies are not in the business of promoting health or preventing disease, so do not expect that their policies are in your best interest from a "promoting health" standpoint. Likely, your insurance company will not cover those things that benefit you the most, in regard to your everyday health care. 

That being said Medicare does cover 12 visits per year with a very small copay, and private insurers often pay up to 20 visits per year, with a copay. 

For this reason, many Colorado Springs Chiropractors don't mess with insurance. And we get that; it is annoying. 

But we've made a different decision. You pay good money for your insurance each month; sometimes more than $1000/mo. We've found that patients want to use their insurance. We are in the business of serving you. So, we bill your insurance and work with you to utilize your insurance benefits. It takes tons of time and money, but we do it, and we are happy to, because we are serving you. 

We are in-network with many insurance companies, and we bill out-of-network as well and sometimes match copays for companies for which we are out-of-network. We also accept MedPay benefits and personal injury liens. 

Call 719.475.8676 for an insurance verification, to nail down your chiropractic insurance benefits. 

3. Do I Feel Comfortable in this Chiropractic Clinic and Do I Like the Staff?

chiropractic_clinic_colorado_springs.JPGOur office manager went to another Colorado Springs Chiropractic Clinic for some specific work, and the front desk literally drove him away.

We wish this was an uncommon story, but we have patients who say, "I was going _____, but I just couldn't handle their staff anymore."

We make mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes. But the friendliness of a place matters. Chiropractic is usually not a short-term thing, depending on your condition, your desire, and what you can or want to afford. So, likely, you will interact with the people in your chiropractic clinic a good amount. Make sure it is a place you want to be.

Also, the conditions of chiropractic clinics can vary significantly from dingy, 1980's style, to super-nice. Pick a place that fits you.

We work very hard to live out the credo that ultimately, "the customer is right." We work to put you first. We work to work with your commitment levels, your schedule, and your financial ability.

We recognize that being good at what you do is not good enough. Patient experience matters - most importantly - to you, and to us. Do you like our space? Do you like our decor? Do you enjoy interacting with our staff? Are we communicating things in an effective way? Are we going the extra mile?

We were excited to have someone come in the other day who asked rather sheepishly, "Do you mind if I just walk around and look at your decorating?"

"Yes, of course you can," our front desk staff said with a smile.   

4. What Are My Treatment Options?

We recently had a patient come in. We ask, "Have you ever been to a Chiropractor before?" 

She said, "I have, but they wanted me to pay $3600 that day or else they wouldn't see me." 

This is common. There is a vein in Chiropractic that says, "It is our way or the highway." 

That is not us. We meet you where you are at. Everyone's commitment levels and financial ability is different, and we respect that. We feel that is a part of serving people well. 

When you go to a dentist, you have many treatment options, based on your commitment level and your financial ability. Only 50% of Americans go to the dentist annually, and of those, only a small percentage will get braces to correct their teeth and bite, and only a few of those will religiously wear their retainer. 

It is the same at Thrive. 

We have many people who drop in on us, who know exactly what they want - pain relief, and that's it! So, we give it to them. But we offer much more than that at the our Chiropractic clinic, and about 30-percent of patients will take us up on these services. 

Like braces, we can actually change the shape and curves of the spine back to normal. This takes time, and it is a greater financial commitment, just like braces. 

And we help patients maintain their results as well, with infrequent check-ups, just like the dentist.

chiropractic_clinic_colorado_springs.jpgWe even help patients overcome chronic disease, using nutrition, blood tests, and detoxification. We also offer massage therapy and core stabilization and strenghtening; along with spinal decompression, ultrasound, cold laser therapy and e-stim. 

Bottomline, we meet you where you are at. If you need pain relief, and that's all you want; then we are here for you. But for some, they are tired of being in pain and sick; they want to "get their life back." For these people, we can help, but it will take more time and a greater financial commitment. 

Don't hesitate, call us today at 719.475.8676. We look forward to meeting you.

To your health!

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