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Chiropractics Unveiled:

Local Colorado Springs Chiropractor Demystifies Chiropractics for Skeptics and Those Unacquainted With the Practice or Its Benefits

What is Chiropractics?

First, Chiropractics is more properly pronounced and spelled "Chiropractic," but it is a common mistake and throughout this article, we will happily use Chiropractics. 

Chiropractics.jpgChiropractics literally means "the practice of the hands," but it has far greater implications than the spinal adjustment - the one technique that most people think of when they hear the term Chiropractics. 

Chiropractics is better understood as a philosophy that states that when the body is aligned with its intended design it will heal itself. 

Think of it this way: A plant is design to receive a certain amount of sunlight. Reduce that amount and it will be sickly. Remove it completely and it will die. However, if you bring it back into its design and give it the appropriate amount of sunlight (along with its other physical needs), it will rejuvenate and heal.

What is health as defined in Chiropractics?

The best, and most simple, definition of health, that we at Thrive abide by is that health is balance. On a cellular level, the term for this is homeostasis. If you tilt biochemistry or your structure, or your mind, too much to one side, you will begin to express symptoms - pain, dryness, ulcers, whatever.  

It is the same with the body. If your spine is misaligned, Chiropractics would re-align your spine. This is also true for any other joint in your body. In fact, this weekend, we treated a patient with a dislocated rib, and another with a misaligned jaw that would incessantly click.

But this can be true biochemically as well. Today, food allergies are becoming a bigger deal. You may have heard of someone being lactose intolerant, or gluten intolerant.

For reasons not worth going into here, these food groups create imbalances in some human bodies. They are treated like toxins and create all sorts of digestive symptoms, inflammation, heightened pain levels, and more.

Remove the stressor (in this case - a food allergy), bring the body back into balance, and the symptoms go away. Amazing. The body has in fact, healed itself. In fact, your body, right now, is healing itself. It is always healing itself, until it gets so weak and broken down, that it cannot do it's job. 

Chiropractics focuses on how to promote that life when, while traditional health care focuses on sick care and how to manage disease. Both philosophies come at the same problems from different sides. And for that reason, you will get different results. Check out this quote from Medicare: 

"Care that seeks to prevent disease, promote health, and prolong and enhance the quality of life, is not considered medically necessary." Medicare (HCH 2251.3)

Another form of imbalance can come from deficiencies. Occasionally, we will have a patient come into the office with severe back pain, and it is caused by a mineral deficiency, not a misalignment of the spine. This happened recently, and we administered the simple mineral magnesium, and the muscle spasms halted, and his back pain went away. 

Are Doctors of Chiropractics Real Doctors? 

Chiropractics.jpgAllopathic Doctors (what the public calls "medical doctors" or MDs) did a fantastic job of branding the term doctor, by dropping the term "allopathic." We, at Thrive, are envious of that was genius. 

Chiropractics is a clunky term, and we'd prefer to drop it. 

But the truth is that are all sorts of "doctors" in the US. Doctors of Osteopathy work side by side Allopathic Doctors in hospital settings and traditional health care, and you would never know the difference. Both are able to prescribe medication, and both perform surgeries. 

There are Pyschiatric Doctors (which are actually MDs), Naturopathic Doctors, Homeopathic Doctors, and more. 

So, to ask, "Are Doctors of Chiropractics real doctors?" is not the best question. It is better to ask, "Are Doctors of Chiropractics qualified to treat sickness and pain?" 

There have been multiple studies that compare the schooling of Doctors of Chiropractics to MDs, and they have found that both require pre-med course completion and some require an undergraduate degree. 

Both go onto the equivalent of a 4-year post graduate doctorate. Chiropractors study more anatomy and physiology, while they study zero pharmacology and psychiatry. The reason for this due to their philosophy. 

In fact, one of our recent hiring prospects at Thrive is a Doctor of Chiropractics, who was the Medical Director for the Olympics, and he would examine up to 75 blood tests each day. That doesn't quite fit the general public's image of a Chiropractor. 

Chiropractors are "real doctors," but they have a very different health care philosophy than Allopathic Doctors. If you come to our office, our health care solution for you will not involve prescription drugs or surgery, unless that is necessary, and you would then be referred out to other Allopathic Doctors who specialize in that.

If Chiropractics' philosophy seems to fit your understanding of the world and your body, then give us a call at 719.475.8676. We look forward to hearing from you.  

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  • "I was skeptical about how much chiropractic could really help me. Now, I wish I would have tried it sooner."