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Colorado Springs Auto Accident Doctor Shares Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid After Your Accident

An auto accident is one of the biggest bummers you can have in your day. Plus, it can literally change your life, forever... 

An auto accident nearly changed Dr. Molly Kallenbach's life forever at the age of 19, but thankfully she was able to avoid these top 5 pitfalls that effect far too many accident victims, and it is because of her experience that she became an auto accident doctor.

Avoid These 5 Post-Auto Accident Mistakes: 

1. Not knowing about your MedPay benefits: In Colorado, MedPay can pick up all of your medical bills after an accident, no matter who is at-fault. MedPay is a rider on your insurance policy, and unless you have requested it removed, in writing, then you have it. Minimum coverage is for $5,000 and it goes up to $50,000. This can pick up the tab for your chiropractic, massage and physical therapy care after the accident, so that you can recover and reduce the likelihood of lasting, or permanent, damage.

2. Only going to the Emergency Room or a medical doctor:  Dr. Kallenbach made this mistake after her car accident.  She went to the ER and they performed X-rays and gave her pain killers. They told her nothing was wrong. However, days later, raging headaches set in. Despite prescription drug pain killers, she was miserable for months before going to her first chiropractic doctor visit. That visit is why she is a chiropractic and auto accident doctor today. If you are dealing with physical problems, see a specialist - prescription pain medication and even surgery often addresses symptoms, not causes. While there is a time and place for prescription drugs and surgeries, there are many non-invasive treatments that actually get at the cause of your problem, rather than only addressing symptoms. 

3.  Not filing a police report: If you are in a car accident, call the police and file a report, no matter the circumstances and no matter how small you think the accident is, or how little pain you feel. Pain symptoms sometimes take days to set in and a police report can provide an objective explanation for what occurred. This can be useful if a lawsuit is later filed so it won't just be one driver's word against the others. Also, the absence of a police report can give the insurance companies reason for denial of claims, especially medical claims.  

4.  Not contacting an auto accident attorney, if injury occurred: Dr. Kallenbach is not a proponent of bogging the world down with lawsuits, but there are times when you have a right and a need to recovery damages. Health care is not cheap, and in some instances car accidents change lives forever. A good Colorado Springs personal injury attorney can help you get the care you need. If you'd like a referral to a good personal injury attorney, please email me

5.  Signing off on an early settlement: Don't be quick to sign off on a settlement, because it often takes time know the true extent of your physical damage and the long-term impact of your impairment. Does the injury heal at all, completely, or 50-percent? Is there permanent nerve pain? Scarring? Quality rehabilitative care and time will tell. 

Dr. Kallenbach hopes this list helps you avoid potential pitfalls after a car accident injury. Please pass this on anyone you know was recently in an auto accident. 

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