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Top 5 Questions to Ask When Selecting Your Colorado Springs Back Doctor

1. Philosophy: Colorado Springs back doctors are a dime a dozen, but choosing a back doctor based on the philosophy with which they approach the human frame quickly narrows the playing field. Among back doctors, you have Colorado Springs medical doctors (MDs), doctors of chiropractic, doctors of physical therapy, and acupuncturists.  

Colorado_Springs_Back_Doctor.jpgEach of these philosophies have some overlap, but they also have some real differences. Ask them about their philosophy to healing, and see if it aligns with your common sense and what you know and believe. 

To check out our philosophy, read Dr. Molly Kallenbach's latest free ebook here. It's called The Healthcare Revolution. 

2. Patient Education: Is the back doctor interested in keeping you in the office or they educating you on ways that you can help yourself? You have heard of the book, "Patient, Heal Thyself." This is the idea: give you the tools to effectively prevent ever having to go to the doctor. 

3. Treatment: What measures does the back doctor take to correct your problem and pain? Our advice is to begin your pain relief with the most non-invasive treatments possible, and then work your way up. No surgery is minor. Drugs have side-effects. Before you go after your back pain or neck pain with both guns blazing, consider other options. Before you pull the trigger on anything, check out this nurse practitioner's story about recovering from a broken back.  

4. Expense: Don't just ask what the costs are today; ask what the costs could be if things go wrong. If you choose a more invasive procedure such as drugs and surgery, there is a good possibility that there may be a cascade of events following the drugs or surgery. Many drugs cause liver damage and spinal disc degeneration. Many surgeries have complications such as infections, or they require follow-up surgeries. Medical bills are the leading cause of bankruptcy in America, says a Harvard University study, and more than 75% of these people actually had medical insurance. Look at the big picture when considering cost. 

Colorado_Springs_Back_Doctor.jpg5. Possible Complications: What is the risk of the procedure? Granted, this is a little redundant, but I wanted to point out that stretching is natural, postural exercises are natural, even aligning bones in natural. Cutting the body open has complications. Dr. Barbara Starfield of Johns Hopkins University pointed out in her article in the Journal of the American Medical Association that the American Health Care System is the third leading cause of death in US. That is just death. That does not include negative consequences incurred by the system such as bed rest, induced pain, disease, adverse drug reactions and the like. Your back pain and neck pain is a big deal, and this is a big decision.  

For free consultation with Colorado Springs back doctor, Dr. Molly Kallenbach (DC), to discuss your options further, just click the icon below. We look forward to meeting you. 



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