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Colorado Springs Back Pain

Non-invasive, Pain-Free, Drug-Free, and Surgery-Free Options for Colorado Springs Back Pain Sufferers

Colorado_Springs_Back_Pain.jpgIf you live in Colorado Springs and you suffer from back pain, you have access to the most sophisticated and affordable back pain solutions available in health care today. Listed below, are the top 4 best non-invasive, drug-free, and surgery-free solutions to your back pain

You are not alone with your back pain.  Back pain effects 80% of Americans during their lifetime, and we will spend another $50 Billion this year alone to try to address our collective back pain

Traditional solutions offered by modern medicine include drugs, surgeries, and some exercises. And then you have the various gimmicky massage products offered on tv and in gadget stores. 

You've probably heard of spinal fusions and various other back surgeries. The problem with back surgery is that there is no such thing as a minor surgery. These surgeries, while providing remarkably quick pain relief, often come with complications that require more surgeries, and increased back pain or neck pain or hip pain in years to come.

Prescription drugs and shots work wonders on back pain as well. But they wear off, as drugs do when the body processes them out of the system. 

The following are some health care solutions we offer for back pain in Colorado Springs that are gaining major steam in America:

Top 4 Back Pain Solutions

Colorado_Springs_Back_Pain.jpg1. Cold Laser Therapy: We offer FDA-approved (Food and Drug Administration-approved) cold laser therapy, using the Micro Light 830 cold laser. The Micro Light was the first laser to be approved by the FDA, and network news stations across America have documented the sensational effects of laser light therapy (as seen in the video below), specifically using the Micro Light laser. Cold Laser are 100% pain free, and they have no-known side effects. They promote increased healing and decreased pain by decreasing the inflammatory tissues of the body. The Micro Light cold laser can penetrate 5 centimeters into the body to get deep pain relief for back pain sufferers, as well as neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, elbow pain, ankle pain and more. Click here to view network news videos (videos are toward the bottom of the page). 

Colorado_Springs_Back_Pain.jpg2. Spinal Decompression: Sometimes, back pain is caused by the herniation of one of the discs that fit between the bones of the spinal column. This can cause debilitating back pain, nerve pain in the arms and legs, shooting pain down the outside of the leg (called Sciatica), and paralysis, to name a few. It's scary, and it is a big deal.

Spinal decompression is the next generation of old-school mechanical traction. We use the FDA-approved American Back System manufactured by North American Medical. Computerized spinal decompression tables respond to patient resistance, weight and directional pull, and follow strict protocol.  

Spinal decompression does exactly what it sounds like it does - it decompresses the bones of the spinal column and allows space for the disc to move back into place. 

These machines and therefore the cost of treatment to patients have been outrageously expensive in past, but though we have the $100,000+ machine (pictured above), we are extremely affordable and competitive, because we own our machine outright...Dave Ramsey style. 

Spinal Decompression can often be a solution for back pain patients when nothing else works. Click here to view a video specifically about our ABS machine and common treatment protocol. 

Colorado_Springs_Back_Pain.jpg3. Spinal Manipulation:  Manipulation or adjustment of the spine is an ancient practice to relieve back pain that is getting new attention this century. In fact, Hippocrates, the so-called "Father of Medicine" wrote two books on the manipulation of the spine and the huge impact of the nervous system on the health of the whole body. Consider this: your spinal cord connects your brain to the rest of your body. If it is interfered with, you have major problems. Not only will you often experience back pain (depending on the severity of the interference), you are also cutting of vital communication to your organs. We've seen patients who have lost total bladder and bowel control, just because of this interference. Yes, they had back pain, but they also had a whole lot more going on. 

Colorado_Springs_Back_Pain.jpgIn some case, we use hands on manual adjusting, but in many cases, machines like the Arthostim and activator tools work better. The Arthostim is pictured to the right. 

Click here to view a Colorado Springs Nurse Practitioner and wife to a radiologist medical doctor talk about how spinal manipulation helped her recover from a broken back and extreme back pain.  

Colorado_Springs_Back_Pain.jpg4. Core Stretching, Traction and Strengthening:

Muscle imbalance can cause all sorts of problems in the body. We've calculated that you may spend 14.5 hours out of their 16 hour day (assuming you sleep for 8 hours a night, which may be a stretch). That's 91% of everyday spent sitting.

Stack that on top of car accidents, sports injuries, falls, and childhood accidents, and you've got a recipe for some wacky muscular alignment.

The beautiful thing about the body is that has what is called a "plastic" quality, meaning it is able to molded, especially the spine. That is why we use traction to actually remold, and return the shape of the spine to its original design.

When you couple traction with postural exercises, core strengthening, and even massage (which we offer in our office), you have a powerful combination.

These soft-tissue exercises help reinforce the work that we are able to do with the structure of the body with spinal manipulation and spinal decompression, when necessary.

There is an excellent chance that one of these back pain solutions, or a combination of them, will save you $1000s, and maybe $10,000s in health care bills, while eradicating your back pain and revolutionizing your health in the process.     

To determine if one of these options is for you, we offer a no-strings-attached, no gimmick, no upsell shot to sit down with Dr. Molly Kallenbach for a 100% free consultation and discuss your back pain and your solutions. 

To set an appointment, just click the button below and select "Free Consultation." No harm done in that. We hope to see you. 




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