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Colorado Springs Chiropractic Doctors Differ Widely - So How Do You Choose?

Colorado Springs Doctor and Insider in the Chiropractic Profession Gives Three Helpful But Controversial Questions to Ask When Choosing a Colorado Springs Chiropractor

Colorado_Springs_Chiropractic.jpgIt is sad, but true, that Colorado Springs Chiropractic health care is a business industry like any other. And often business models can begin to shape health care, rather than patient needs shaping the business of health care.  

Because of inventions like the internet, patients are more informed and they are beginning to ask more questions from their
Colorado Springs chiropractic doctors and medical doctors. This is a very good thing! So, here are three helpful questions to ask yourself and your Colorado Springs Chiropractic doctor when you are interviewing them for your loyalty and business.

1. Why will you not accept my insurance?

I can't tell you how many chiropractors have told me that they won't bill insurance because it is not in their patients best interest, because the insurance company begins to dictate care, rather than the needs of the patient. That sounds very selfless, doesn't it? When I was first in practice, I believed it. I stood my ground. I told patients I valiantly won't bill their insurance. But then I began to see that the practice of not billing insurance had more to do with the efficiency of a cash-only practice and the desire for the doctor to avoid the hassles of dealing with insurance companies.

I've found it in the best interest of you, the patient, to bill insurance on your behalf. Why? You pay a lot for your insurance each month, so why shouldn't you use it for your
Colorado Springs Chiropractic care? By using it, you realize the benefit of having it. Regarding the hassle, with the right systems in place, and after purchasing the necessary software, it is not all that difficult. Plus, I'm in business right - hassle is a part of it. It's called service for a reason. 

2. Do you feel like cattle moved in and out? 

Colorado_Springs_Chiropractic.jpgWith the advent of the cash-only, non-insurance, super-efficient business model, arose the need for a large volume of patients through the door, because
chiropractors needed to make up the financial difference.  Colorado Springs Chiropractic care in these types of offices became regulated by speed and an insane amount of volume. In my second job out of school, I would often adjust 400-600 patients per week at a high volume chiropractic clinic.

It was literally impossible to give excellent care, because of the narrow focus and short amount of time I could spend with each patient. What we did, we did very well, but was it enough?

True healing requires patience and a thoroughness that only comes from taking time to listen to a patient's concerns, aches and pains, and story. I'm sorry, but time is a part of that. You can't get around it. If you don't feel that you are getting the time you need with your
Colorado Springs chiropractic health care practitioner, then move on. As a Colorado Springs Chiropractic doctor, I really value that my chiropractor takes time to address everything, and I've experienced the benefits of thoroughness.

3. Pain relief or corrective care?

Sometimes patients have complained of feeling strong armed into Colorado Springs chiropractic care of a particular type. For instance when a patient wants simple, quick pain relief, they are offered a 1 year or more plan and told they will not be served unless they commit to the plan. This can also take the form of unwanted spinal decompression, cash long-term care plans, or whatever (a few years ago, some chiropractors were selling these types of plans for 3 years of care upfront, though I don't know of any Colorado Springs chiropractic doctors doing that).

These are classic examples of a business model driving patient care. This happens in the Colorado Springs Chiropractic industry, the medical industry (with vast amounts of unnecessary surgeries and prescribed drugs), and other health care industries. It is common. 

So, here is the straight talk on this. 

If you'd like a quick fix, then chiropractic isn't for you. You might be best suited to take a pill, get surgery or get a shot. These health care solutions often produce near-instant results. They may not be the results you want, and they may degenerate your body over time, but they will be quick. 

The ideological foundation of chiropractic is based on the process of bringing the body back into its original design. This is not always a quick process. The spine has a plastic quality (it can be molded), but this doesn't happen over night. Plus there are other factors: if you are 100 lbs overweight, losing that weight may be essential to eliminating your back pain, and as you might imagine that requires personal responsibility, time, effort, and a complete overhaul of habits.

Colorado Springs chiropractic
care is best suited for the patient who wants true, deep healing and not band-aid approaches to health care. This is a process, like braces on teeth. You don't move teeth in 1-hour. 

I practice corrective chiropractic care, with my longest plan being 6 months and I am the only practicing
Colorado Springs chiropractic doctor certified in Chiropractic Biophysics (called CBP) - the most researched, most published specialty in Chiropractic. CBP is an engineer look at the spine to remold it back into its ideal design. It is corrective chiropractic. I practice this, because it makes sense. 

However, I've learned to understand that not every patient values correction, or wants to correct their spine. My conscience will not allow me to turn away a patient in need of simple 
pain relief. So, while my longest care plan is 6 months, my shortest service is 1 adjustment. I have many patients that come in when they want to for the services they want. 

We regularly have new patients who crawl in the door - they obviously have severe spinal problems. They walk out the door, straight as an arrow, and we never see them again. They will be in the same position again, soon, crawling into another office. 

Do I agree with this mentality? No, but I am here to serve patients where they are at, not where I am at. This is not about me. And the reality is that not everyone cares to correct their spine or can afford it. Not everyone wants to correct their crazy crooked teeth, or can afford braces. It is what it is, and it is perfectly okay. 

If you are looking for
pain relief, you are welcome here. We'll work with you to get you out of pain and help you when you want or need it. No strings attached. 

I hope this helps you slice through some of the fog of
Colorado Springs chiropractic health care. Every industry has their peccadilloes (weird things). Chiropractic is not alone in that. But as a Colorado Springs chiropractic patient, you may walk into a situation that you don't feel great about, but you just can't put your finger on what it is. I hope this brief article helps yo put words to what you are feeling. It's hard to walk in an office and walk out over concerns, and then return to another chiropractor. But maybe these insights will help you give more grace to the profession, and have some hope that you'll find someone that aligns with what you are looking for out of your Colorado Springs Chiropractic doctor. Every day of my life is trying to identify what those issues are and eliminate them for the patient first, and me.  


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