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How to Avoid the Top 4 Pitfalls When Picking Your Colorado Springs Chiropractor

Colorado_Springs_Chiropractor.jpgWhen you are not an "insider" to an industry, it is hard to know what questions to ask, pitfalls to avoid and things to look for when selecting a service or product. If you want to know how to avoid making disastrous mistakes when picking your mortgage, you talk to a good attorney, Realtor, or mortgage banker, right?

That is why we interviewed Dr. Molly Kallenbach, DC - to see if she had any insider tips on selecting a Colorado Springs Chiropractor. This is what she had to say: 

1. Pick a doctor that listens to YOU and treats YOUR needs: "It has been my experience that each of my patient's needs are unique and should be treated accordingly. Both as a patient and a doctor, I have greatly benefited from listening to the specific needs of the body, rather than assembly line health care. Health care is a science, and an art, in my opinion. Cookie cutter health care can certainly benefit some, but many of my patients come to me after having gone through cookie cutter health care that didn't address there unique issues. As a patient, my health took-off- in a really good way - when I started going to practitioners who listened to me. That experience changed the way I practice."

2. Quality Counts:  "As a patient of chiropractic, I've had great chiropractic experiences and ones that left me feeling weird for days. That's why I work very hard to be sensitive to my patients needs, and not over do it, or under do it. I recommend that you interview doctors before selecting your Colorado Springs Chiropractor. Give them a test run. A chiropractor-patient relationship is a very intimate thing. It is a relatively long-term relationship, even if it is infrequent. And different people like different styles. Some like gentle care, others like a more powerful adjustment. Whomever you select, make sure you are getting quality care. Cheap health care is great, if it is high quality. But as the saying goes, you usually get what you pay for. In my industry - as in many - quality health care is often sacrificed for volume. Health care isn't retail - Wal-Mart type care can often cost you more than it saves you."

3. Back pain may not be helped by an adjustment!:  "This one took me a long time to embrace. The main tool of most chiropractors coming out of school is the adjustment - re-aligning the spine. But, in my years of practicing, I've seen amazing results when combining re-alignments with things like nutrition, cleanses, elimination diets, and soft tissue work. It's not for everybody, but sometimes I come across a patient with severe back pain, and the problem is a mineral deficiency. One my patient's symptoms completely disappeared after I identified that he was mineral deficient and asked him to take magnesium - a simple, inexpensive mineral. Aligning the spine is a part to the is not the whole, for many people." 

4. You don't have to feel like cattle: "One of the difficult things in practice is balancing patients needs with business needs - paying the bills. This gets increasingly difficult the busier a chiropractor gets. As chiropractic insurance benefits reduced in the late 90's, doctors created the "cash practice" model. This model reduced fees, but made up for it by increasing volume and asking for longer commitment levels from patients. The result is that many chiropractic patients feel like they are cattle being moved in and out. The increase in volume reduced the doctor's time with the patient, which required more and more focus on specific treatments and systems. Rather than treating the patient's needs, doctors began moving patients through their systems. This also increases the amount of times that a patient must see the chiropractor. It's good business, and the efficiency is often valued by the patients, but over time it often reduces the quality of care and fails to be flexible enough to address the patients changing needs." 

We hope this helps you when selecting your Colorado Springs Chiropractor. If you have any further questions for Dr. Kallenbach, email her at [email protected], or if you'd like to receive a free consultation with Dr. Kallenbach, simply call 719.475.8676.


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