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Colorado Springs Chiropractors Seem to Be On Every Street Corner So How Do You Choose? What Makes Them Different? What Should You Avoid? 

Colorado_Springs_Chiropractors.jpgNationally, the Chiropractic industry has exploded along with other complimentary medical services, and it is the same for Colorado Springs Chiropractors. Colorado has more Chiropractors per capita than any other state in the US, with Boulder, CO leading the pack. 

So, how do you discern what your best option is when picking among all the Colorado Springs Chiropractors.

Chiropractors connect on many philosophical and treatment protocols, just like medical surgeons will have similar techniques and philosophies. The biggest philosophical common denominator is the underestimated value of the nervous system as it relates to overall health. 

When you get outside of that, you'll find that Colorado Springs Chiropractors vary widely. Here are some of the big categories in which Colorado Springs Chiropractors tend to differ: 

1. Treatment Plans: Can you go on a pay-per-visit basis or will they only treat you if you commit to a long-term care plan? Do your plan include other services that help treat the body from a whole-body perspective? This could be massage therapy, nutrition, or physical therapy. 

2. Does the Chiropractor use cold laser therapy, spinal decompression, physical therapy, nutrition, blood testing or electric stimulation, along with the spinal adjustment? Some Colorado Springs Chiropractors are what are called a "straight" chiropractor, meaning they only adjust the spine, while other take a bigger perspective of the body and give weight to things like nutrition (which can dramatically impact inflammation and pain levels) and massage therapy (to relax soft tissue tightness). These Colorado Springs Chiropractors are called "mixers." Dr. Molly Kallenbach is definitely a "mixer," taking a holistic view of the body. That is why we offer spinal decompression, Colorado Springs massage, cold laser therapy, blood testing and nutrition. We've found our results are better by taking a bigger look at the body. For instance, we found that some of our patients' back pain is not caused by misalignments in the spine, but simple mineral deficiencies.  
3. Office Atmosphere: Is the staff friendly? Surprisingly, we hear a good amount of new patients say that they left other Chiropractic clinics in Colorado Springs because they didn't jive with the staff. Is the office current or does it feel like 1985? Does the office atmosphere encourage your healing process or does something not "feel right?" You need to find a place that fits you. This may even come down to what type of music is played while you are there. We care about these details, because we know that patient experience is a big, big deal to you, and therefore, it is a big, big, big deal to us. To see a few pics of our office, click here

4. X-rays: Many Colorado Springs Chiropractors do not take X-rays of patients. You need to ask yourself if you believe this is an issue of professionalism and quality of care. If you don't, then you may be in the right place. We take X-rays of our patients, because you see so much on an X-ray that you cannot by just looking at a patient or performing a thermography scan (which we also use - this machine uses changes in body temperature in the spine to create a thermal diagram of the spine). We've found cancers, fractures, osteoporosis, surgical implants were not made aware of, and other diseases by taking an X-ray. We, of course, do not X-ray pregnant women and most children.  

5. Corrective Care vs Chiropractic Care: Does the Chiropractor aim to ease your pain or are they trained to actually correct the spine, including the curves of the spine? Dr. Molly Kallenbach, owner of Thrive, is actually certified in Chiropractic Biophysics (called CBP) which is the most researched, most published, specialty in Chiropractic focusing on Corrective Chiropractic Care. Dr. Molly Kallenbach is currently the only CBP certified Colorado Springs Chiropractor in practice. 

6. Does the Chiropractic Care Ever Decrease in Cost? Most, if not all, Colorado Springs Chiropractors work on a flat price model, that never changes over time. We don't believe that you should come to see us at the same price forever. In other words, you loyalty is rewarded at Thrive.    

7. Insurance: Do they accept insurance? Are they in-network? Will they match copays if they are out-of-network? Are they so good and lauded that it is worth going to them even if they don't accept your insurance? We have Colorado Springs Chiropractors in our office who are in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, Aetna, United and more. We also bill out-of-network to a many companies. We also accept personal injury liens and MedPay benefits. We take care of all the billing, start to finish. Working with insurance is an absolute pain and it can reduce the ease of the administration of the office, but we do it anyways, because we know you value your insurance, if you have it, because you pay hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars per month for your health insurance.

Thrive is one of the most popular Chiropractic clinics in Colorado Springs, and it is becoming one of the most popular preventative and rehabilitative health care facilities in Colorado Springs. 

If you'd like to interview us, or come in to receive care, simply call 719.475.8676. We look forward to meeting you. 


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