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Colorado Springs Class Iv Laser

Thrive Health Systems Offers Colorado Springs Class IV Laser Therapy for Pain Relief

Thrive Health Systems is the only health care facility (non-veterinarian) offering Colorado Springs Class IV laser therapy for pain relief. 

If you are suffering from pain and you'd like to be pain free, call today at 719.475.8676 to schedule your free trial of our Class IV Laser in Colorado Springs. We offer two free sessions of Class IV Laser Therapy, at no obligation, to new patients. Even though the laser is very, very expensive, we know that patients' pain will be so affected that they will continue with care.  

The idea behind Class IV Laser therapy is that delivery of photons (light) to cells increases the metabolism of the cell, which speeds up healing while decreasing inflammation. 

You may have already heard of cold laser therapy. We also offer cold laser therapy at Thrive Health Systems. Class IV Laser therapy is very different from cold laser therapy.

Our cold laser, the MicroLight 830, is the first cold laser to gain FDA-approval in the US. It is a Class 3B laser and it operates at a wavelength of 830nm. There is no heat created by a cold laser; hence the "cold laser" name. There are no known side-effects to Class 3B laser and it is FDA-approved.  

Class IV Lasers are FDA-approved as well and ours operates at a 830nm, as well as various other wavelengths. However, because of the increased wattage (power) administered by Class IV lasers, the laser generates small amounts of heat. 

Our Colorado Springs Class IV Laser has a width of a silver dollar, while Class 3B lasers often have the width of two pinpoints. This makes a huge difference. Plus, a Class IV laser has up to 2000% more power so it penetrates deeper into the skin. 

We use the Class IV Laser for back pain, neck pain, hand and foot pain, knees, ankles and wrists. 

At Thrive Health Systems, we use the LiteCure Class IV Laser. After interviewing very large clinics see upwards of 300 new patients per month using Class IV Laser, we decided to purchase the LiteCure laser due to its durability, dependability and effectiveness. 


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