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Colorado Springs Female Chiropractor

Looking Specifically for a Colorado Springs Female Chiropractor?

Colorado_Springs_Female_Chiropractor.jpgColorado Springs Female chiropractors are often preferred to male chiropractors because what they lack in raw power, they make up for in finesse and intuition, which is a desired trait among patients. 

Some patients want to feel like they have been beat up in the process of getting adjusted and brought back into alignment, and there are chiropractors that will do that, but we won't. It is our philosophy to adjust only what needs to be adjusted, and to do it with the least amount of impact necessary to the structure of the body. 

We believe that healing - at its core - is a nurturing process. You could say it is an act of love and kindness to the body. You could make a point that nurturing comes easier to female chiropractors, though it of course is not a trait owned by the female gender. 

As a female chiropractor, Dr. Molly Kallenbach, treats both male and female patients, but she is uniquely able to connect, relate, treat and consult other females on issues like their pediatric health care, prenatal chiropractic care, prenatal nutrition, birthing, postnatal care of babies and mothers, and other female-specific issues.

However, it is not uncommon for men to prefer a female chiropractor as well. Manipulation requires force to move the joints of the body. If Force = Mass X Acceleration (F=MA), then you can effectively increase force by either increasing Mass or Acceleration. Female chiropractors have less Mass so they often make up for that by increasing the acceleration and finesse of their movements. This makes for a very smooth adjustment. 

Regarding Dr. Molly, a comment you will often hear is that she is very intuitive. Chiropractors develop a sense over time for dysfunction in the body, and they develop the ability to connect and discern what is going on in the body. It is not uncommon for Dr. Molly to walk into the room (the patient could be face down), and for her to know exactly where to go with her hands without touching the patient's body. 

Female chiropractors
can also use instruments to adjusts joints such as an Activator or an Arthostim. Dr. Molly uses an activator for very specific adjustments, as well as adjusting children. She also uses an Arthostim because its repetitive increases neurological memory. 

Bottomline: If you are looking specifically for a female chiropractor in Colorado Springs - whether you are male or female - Dr. Molly fits the mold. If you are still skeptical, then call 719.475.8676 and set up a free 15-minute consultation to see if she is the right fit for you, or simply click on the link below to select from 1 of our special offers. 



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  • "I was skeptical about how much chiropractic could really help me. Now, I wish I would have tried it sooner."