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Colorado Springs Massage Therapist Gives Her Two-Cents on How to Maximize Your Massage Experience

The reasons why massage therapists tell patients to get a massage is often different than why patients want a massage. And that is perfectly fine. The Colorado Springs massage experts say to get a massage to: 

Colorado_Springs_Massage.jpg1. Detoxify and cleanse your body

2. Improve your posture

3. Release muscle tension

4. Gain flexibility

5. Prevent injury

But let's be honest, we all want massage because of the experience. We want to feel good. We want to be pampered. And nothing feels better than healing touch - human to human. So, let's talk about how to maximize your massage experience. 

Colorado Springs massage therapists are a dime a dozen. Though massage school is not easy and it does take commitment, time and money, there are a ton of massage therapists in Colorado Springs. So how do you pick? 

Pick Your Colorado Springs Massage Therapist Based on Who Can Wow You the Most!

When you typically think of a massage, you think of a back, some oil, and rubbing motions. But what if it could be way more than that? What if it was an experience that blew your mind? I'm here to say it can be. 

I wasn't interested in the typical massage, and that is why I focused my training on Ashiatsu massage. I use two bars secured suspended from the ceiling of my commercial studio. These bars allow me to use my feet to massage my clients backs, upper thighs, calves in long, smooth motions. On top of that, I can use the strength in my arms to control my body weight and pressure. 

"I've used massage therapy for years, and I'm married to a massage therapist, but getting Ashiatsu massage totally changed my life. The massage therapist can get much deeper pain relief and produce a much more relaxing and therapeutic massage. I first experienced Ashiatsu on a cruise, and I will never go back."
- Josh F., Colorado Springs Massage client

I use my feet for 50-percent of the massage, and I use my hands for the other 50-percent. I also utilize hot stone therapy, hot pads, and soothing physical therapy lotions. This is not your typical massage in Colorado Springs

Due to excellent branding and (depending on the current price model) cheap rates, we've all heard of Massage Envy in Colorado Springs and Elements Therapeutic Massage. But a common review of the actual massage is: Average.

Colorado_Springs_massage.jpgI don't know about you, but the last thing I want to say when I leave a massage is "average." I think it is because I expect so much from a massage. I want to be wowed in a very relaxing way:) Whether I'm dropping $45 or $100, I want to feel changed for the rest of the day and the next week. 

So, let's talk price. Ashiatsu is a mind-blowing massage experience. The Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs charges $215 for 70 minutes of Ashiatsu! That's nearly $3/min. Ashiatsu is a high-end massage usually offered a high-end spas, hotels, and cruises. They can get $215.

I charge $75 for a 60 minute Ashiatsu massage in Colorado Springs, plus I offer discount packages if you buy 5 or 10-packs.  

This is a screaming deal. Come. Be wowed. 



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