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Colorado Springs Orthotics

Custom Colorado Springs Orthotics for Your Hurting Feet, Ankles, Knees, Low Back and More

Colorado_Springs_Orthotics.gifThrive Health Systems offers custom orthotics for your aches and pains. We create our custom Colorado Springs orthotics using a digital gait scanner that measure your hot spots and pressure areas while you walk (rather than just when you are standing still). 

Custom Orthotics create proper functional movement and a healthy gait, thereby relieving pressure to joints that naturally would not be overloaded. The bones and joints that are commonly in pain due to overloading are in the low back, knees and feet. 

We offer a 100-percent guarantee that your custom orthotics will improve your pain. If you aren't happy with the orthotics, let us know. We will first redo the GaitScan and remake your custom orthotics and get you a new pair. If those are not to your satisfaction, we will happily refund your money.

Colorado Springs orthotics are not all created equally. Custom orthotics are made specifically for your feet, while store bought soles are not. That is why custom orthotics have dramatically different results.

Also, there is a big difference between an orthotic created from a scan that takes its digital image while you are standing verse our GaitScan that takes its picture while you are in walking motion.

Our custom orthotics are made in three days, so you don't have to wait for pain relief. Simply call 719.475.8676 today and in three short days you'll be walking differently and feeling differently.

Our staff is made up of three doctors, two therapists and one certified clinical nutritionist. Therefore, we will look at your pain complaints in light of your whole body, rather than just your feet. If your issue is actually a hip or knee issue that is impacting your feet, we will let you know.

Call today for a free consultation with one of our doctors and a free GaitScan to see if our Colorado Springs orthotics are the solution for your pain.  Again, the number is 719.475.8676.  


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