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Colorado Springs Pain Management Doctor Uses Simple Technique That is Revolutionizing Patients' Pain Management Strategies

Pain_Management_Doctor.jpgTo treat pain in a lasting way that leads to health rather than possible addictions and side-effects, you must first ask the right questions about pain, and have an effective health care philosophy. As a pain management doctor in Colorado Springs, I've helped hundreds of people get out of pain, and stay out of pain, using natural techniques.   

Often, when I out on a speaking engagement, I like to ask: 

"Is Pain Good or Bad?"

Ninety-percent (90%) of my patients first come to me in pain, so I figure it is a valid question.

If I speak to a group of, say, 50 people, I'll get 40 people who yell "bad" at the top of their lungs, eight people who say "good" and two people who whisper, "It's neither."

In a way, they are all right.

Pain doesn't feel good, so in that way it is bad. But pain is good because it is telling us something we need to listen to.

Pain_Management_Doctor.jpgI prefer the two people's whisper of "It's neither." Pain is an indicator, an alarm. When fireman arrive on the scene of a fire, are they concerned with the alarm, or the fire?

As a society, we are alarm chasers, rather than fire fighters. We are the most medicated society in the history of the world, and it is just getting worse. It's been said that we consume 2 tons of Aspirin a day. That's just one, over-the-counter brand. Now, throw in Vicodin, Percocet, Oxycotton, and more. 

Pain is a symptom of dysfunction. Remove the dysfunction (the fire), and you will remove the pain. Sometimes that dysfunction is dietary (i.e. gluten intolerance), sometimes it is within the structure of the body (misalignments in the spine, joints, knees, ankles, shoulders, etc.), and sometimes it is an infection. You have to find the cause, and eliminate it. 

I'd like to encourage you to chose a natural health care solution for your pain, but don't take my word for it. 

The following story is from a fibromyalgia patient of mine in Colorado Springs. Fibromyalgia is often diagnosed along with chronic fatigue syndrome, and both are often catch-all terms for "I don't know where the pain is coming from." 

"She works wonders on fibromyalgia pain!
If you have fibromyalgia- you MUST go to Dr. Molly! 

Dr. Molly is SO gentle, I have been able to manage my daily pain better. My daily doses of pain meds are a thing of the past! 

In addition to adjusting my back, she has also adjusted other areas of my body- including my foot. I had foot surgery eight years ago, and have not been able to stand on my tip-toes since two years before the surgery! I have been showing all my friends-look what I can do! Stand on my tip-toes! For the first time in TEN years!

I thank her, profusely for taking such good care of me! And my husband too!

Heather C. 
May 26, 2011

To read what 41 of your neighbors have to say about Dr. Molly Kallenbach, and to see the original review above, simply click here.  

If you are suffering with pain, I offer a free, no obligation initial consultation so that we can talk, you can tell me your story, and I can tell you if I can help. Just call 719.475.8676 and select Option 1. 

To your health,

Dr. Molly Kallenbach (DC)


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