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Thrive_Chiropractic.JPGThere are several Thrive Chiropractic clinics in the US and in Colorado. That is why we prefer to go by "Thrive." Plus, we offer so many other services along with traditional chiropractic, that Thrive Chiropractic doesn't tell all of our story.

We started as a Colorado Springs chiropractic operation, but the health care philosophy of the owners - Dr. Molly and Ian Kallenbach - wouldn't allow them to stay just a chiropractic clinic.

Dr. Molly Kallenbach began to see patients whose back pain was not caused by structural misalignment, but by nutritional deficiencies and general inflammation. She began to implement nutrition into her services and saw a fibromyalgia patient report that her friends began to see her and say, "You look so different, so well." Pain levels dropped, plus 50+ pounds.

After implementing a cleanse with a multiple sclerosis (MS) patient, Dr. Molly saw her go from not being able to use the left side of her upper body, to include her arm, to now being able to write again. 

While Dr. Molly still aligns scores of patients' spines a day, and she is certified in Chiropractic Biophysics, she saw a bigger picture of health that included dietary changes, cleanses, and detoxes.

Soon, Dr. Molly added a certified clinical nutritionist to the Thrive Chiropractic staff. Kelly performs extensive blood tests on patients to identify their toxicities and their deficiencies. She provides personalized diets for patients, and just as Dr. Molly restores the structure of the body back to alignment, Kelly works to restore the body's biochemistry back to alignment.

Dr. Molly has always been a believer that just because you have back pain, that does not mean that an spinal adjustment is your best option for care. Sometimes, pain is caused by chronic muscular tension and stress, so Thrive brought two Colorado Springs massage therapists on staff: Sarah Stowell and Statia Cupit

Between the two massage therapists, Thrive offers Ashiatsu massage and rehabilitative medical massage. 

Ashiatsu massage is typically priced out-of-reach for your everyday American. The Broadmoor charges $215 for 70 minutes of Ashiatsu massage therapy. Thrive charges $55 for an introductory 1-hour massage and $75 thereafter.

Rehabilitative massage is what you'd typically think of as deep-tissue massage, but it is more focused on specific problem areas. Our massage therapist may spend one hour on two hot spots she finds in your body. She is amazing at finding intricate places that desperately need work.

Many of our patients choose to combine a 30-minute massage with a chiropractic treatment.

Dr. Molly Kallenbach also found FDA-approved cold laser therapy to do wonders for pain relief. It was first approved by the FDA for carpal tunnel after a successful study on Ford Motor Company employees. The same company that manufactured the cold laser for that study also manufactured our cold laser.

Cold laser therapy is excellent for "holding" adjustments of the spine, back pain, neck pain, knee pain, ankle pain, shoulder pain, foot pain, and speeding up the healing of wounds and scars. Overall, cold laser therapy decreases inflammation and speeds up the healing process. We've even had a post-cancer-treatment patient with pooling in his elbows see night-and-day results using laser therapy for six sessions.  

Spinal_Decompression_Colorado_Springs.JPGThe newest piece of machinery in the office is spinal decompression. Thrive Chiropractic owner's found that spinal decompression was really expensive for patients with disc injuries, such as herniated discs, bulging disc, hot discs, and slipped discs. When the tables first came out, they cost upwards of $150,000 and the doctors were forced to pass that cost onto patients.

So, they went to work to find an affordable solution. After 6 months of research, Thrive chose the Kennedy Spinal Decompression Table and Treatment Method because it is the most capable table on the market, and Thrive is able to offer the treatment at half the cost of other offices. It is the only table that can treat the patient in a supine or prone position, plus it offers 10+ positions using smooth hydraulic, to create direction pulls. It also uses vibration technology while the patient is on the table, if it is medically necessary.

Some of the best additions to the clinic have been and increase in the quality of care per patient. If you are used to a 3-5 minute adjustment and "feeling like cattle," as some patients speak of, then you will be pleasantly surprised to know that we do much more than "just adjust the spine."     

We use the arthrostim adjuster, so you don't have to hear the popping sound, and we use activators, e-stim and ultrasound. 

So, now you know us. Now, we'd like to get to know you. Come see us at Thrive. Call 719.475.8676. 


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