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"Finally - Chiropractic and Massage in One Place!"

massage_therapy_colorado_springs.jpgMassage therapy is an essential part to overall health and the re-balancing of the structure of the body. For this reason, we often integrate massage with our chiropractic treatments, and many patients prefer it that way. 

If you have noticed our new website offers: we now offer first-time massage clients a $45-55 introductory offer, depending on the type of massage you prefer. Just call 719.475.8676 to schedule.  We are open six days a week with our last massage at 6 pm on many week nights. 

Massage helps to prevent injury, release muscle tension, detoxify the body, and relax the patient. It has its roots in the ancient world and it has been an accepted health care practice throughout the ages. Plus, it just feels so good!

We have two therapists on staff we are adding more. 

Just like Chiropractors, massage therapists are each unique. In fact, our therapist practice very differently. One offers a very specific, medical, rehabilitative massage, while the other is a certified Ashiatsu massage therapist.  

Ashiatsu massage is catching on, but it is still slightly unknown. You will find Ashiatsu on cruise ships and places like the Broadmoor (where it is offered for $215 for 70 minutes of Ashiatsu). 

Ashiatsu is also called Oriental Bar Therapy, because the practitioner uses two bars suspended and secured from the ceiling to stabilize themselves as they use their feet to massage their patient. Eighty-percent of the massage is performed with the practitioners feet and the other 20-percent with their hands. It is quite the experience and extremely effective for low and mid back issues, and the large muscle groups of the legs and glutes. 

Like most large city, Colorado Springs massage is a packed market. What separates Thrive from the pack is that is Doctor-directed. We don't just offer feel good massages - though they feel great. We offer results-oriented massage that looks at your body as a whole.

Call today at 719.475.8676 to schedule. It's easy.  


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