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Colorado Springs Chiropractic Clinic Accepts Insurance, MedPay, CareCredit, Credit, Autopay and Cash

Chiropractor_Colorado_Springs.jpgThrive Chiropractic individualizes care. We do not adjust every patient the same way or the same amount.  

For example, let's say one patient is a 70-year-old female yoga instructor who has perfect spinal curves, no fractures, and no degeneration. All she needs and wants is to mai
ntain her posture and spinal health. 

Another patient is 19-years-old. He is an auto-accident victim whose spine looks and feels like the wreck. This young man has a reversed neck curve, numbness in his hands, pain shooting down his leg, and two fractures.  

Obviously, the amount of service and cost to these two patients would vary greatly.

We cannot quote you a price until we give you a full spinal exam, health history, and X-ray your spine (if medically necessary or indicated). Anything else would be guesswork. That makes sense, right?

We do accept insurance (in and out of network), and we do have cash paying patients. The following initial exam is a $507 value, based on reasonable and allowable fees as determined by insurance companies. But new patients only pay a maximum of $99.  

Initial Exams are $99 and they include a complete spinal analysis, exam, your first adjustment, and a report, that you get to take with you, that states what we found and the recommended solutions to fix your problem(s). 

If you have further questions, contact Stacie at (719) 475-8676

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  • "I was skeptical about how much chiropractic could really help me. Now, I wish I would have tried it sooner."