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What Makes Us a Different Colorado Springs Chiropractic Experience?

We've tried very hard to listen to what our Colorado Springs chiropractic patients want, while balancing what they need. 

 Do We Accept Insurance?  Yes 
 Pay-per-visit Options   Yes 
 Hard Sell  No 
 High Volume? Feel Like Cattle?  No 
 Caring Doctors Who Listen   Yes 
 Exceptional Office & Equipment   Yes 
 Life-changing Education   Yes 
 Do We Do More Than Just Adjust?  Yes 

Our Chiropractic Philosophy

Chiropractic is a philosophy of health care that says:  When the body is aligned with its design, it will begin to heal itself. Misalignment can take many forms: structural misalignment, muscular imbalances, chemical toxicities, deficiencies in nutrients, and more. 

When you come to our Colorado Springs chiropractic clinic with a problem - let's say pain - it is our job to find the cause of the pain, and address that, rather than getting stuck in a particular technique - for example, the spinal adjustment. Our doctors are not one-trick ponies, and the human body is more complicated than that. 

chiropractic_colorado_springs.jpgFor instance, we've had patients whose back pain was caused by muscle spasms that were eliminated with the simple and inexpensive mineral, magnesium. We've had Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Fibromyalgia patients' symptoms dramatically decrease by dietary changes and doing a doctor-supervised detoxification cleanse. 

However, the most popular technique in chiropractic is the adjustment, or as we prefer to call it: "the alignment." Most people think of chiropractors aligning the spine, but we also can align nearly any joint in the body. We regularly work with shoulders, knees, ankles, hips, feet and more. 

Chiropractic Equipment

A Chiropractor's best friends are her hands. Chiropractors feel amazing nuances in the body with their hands, and they use their hands to align the spine and other joints of the body (feet, ankles, knees...even ears).

Chiropractic_Colorado_Springs.jpgBut technology has also allowed chiropractors to have some cool tools in their tool belt. One of the more popular forms is the "activator," which is a simple tool that allows the doctor to use kinetic energy (very small mass rubber tipped instrument with high acceleration to create a force that moves a joint).

At Thrive, we use both hand operated activators (they can perform specific adjustments to the spine) as well as the Arthostim (shown in the picture to the right), which is an "activator on steroids" that does much more than adjust the spine.

Other tools that we use during the chiropractic appointment may include: spinal decompression, electric stimulation (E-stim), ultrasound, FDA-approved cold laser therapy, core stabilization exercises, manual traction, in-office X-ray, thermography scans, massage therapy, postural exercises, and more.     

Chiropractic and the Nervous System

chiropractic_colorado_springs.jpgTypically, people associate chiropractic with back pain, and that is understandable - many chiropractors only address back and neck pain and adjust the spine. About 90-percent of our patients come in with some sort of back pain.

But the most powerful aspect to chiropractic isn't pain resolution. It is spinal health, because spinal health generally means that your nervous system is uninhibited, healthy and free flowing, from your brain down the spine to the rest of your organs and tissues.

You see, pain is a poor indicator of health. The reason for this is that only certain nerves register pain in the body. This means that you could have a major problem, with no pain.

For example, we recently took X-rays of a patient who said she had no pain, and yet the vertebra of her spine were actually fused together in several locations. This is a big deal, with major long-term consequences, and yet she had no pain.

When do you feel a heart attack? When do you feel a stroke? When do you feel cancer?  

What's the Big Deal With Chiropractic?

The first call we get from a patient is usually because they are in pain, and don't want to be. They rightly believe that chiropractic can help, and we can. 

It is our hope that a relationship that begins in pain will continue because you begin to see chiropractic care as essential to your everyday health care and functioning at optimum health - like brushing your teeth, flossing, showering, going to the dentist, eating healthy food, getting exercise. The human body needs upkeep. Just like your car. It's just a part of life. The American health care system is set up to address disease, not health. Chiropractic addresses your health and disease. 

Our response to people who say, "Don't go to the chiropractor, or else you'll have to go forever" is that "You don't have to do anything." You can see us for pain relief and leave and never come back. In fact, 80-percent of the people that come through our doors will stay until they feel better, and then they will leave. We know that, and we are okay with that. No big deal. 

But we have seen and experienced how chiropractic, and using techniques like lymphatic flushing, can help with colds and flus. We've seen how MS patients who once could not use one side of their body, and now can write again. We've seen fibromyalgia patients go from sick in pain to friends saying, "Wow, you look so good, so well." We've seen babies with colic sleep soundly through the night after care. We've seen infertile women get pregnant. We've seen patients suffer a fall, lose bladder control, and then regain it with chiropractic care. If you knew what we know, you'd do what we do. 

Chiropractic care is not only for back pain (the number two reason why people go to the doctor and miss work). Chiropractic care is essential to health care and maintaining life. 

If you are looking for no-fuss, no-gimmick, real-deal chiropractic health care, or you've had a poor experience in the past with chiropractic but are still struggling with pain or disease, give us a call at 719.475.8676.

If you've had a disappointing chiropractic experience in the past, call us for a free consultation today.


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  • "I was skeptical about how much chiropractic could really help me. Now, I wish I would have tried it sooner."