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Dr. Molly Kallenbach of Thrive Chiropractic is passionate about health and well-being. From chiropractic, physical therapy and massage therapy to treat back pain and neck pain, to nutrition and weight loss management, Dr. Molly is a full service chiropractor. 

Dr. Molly believes that chiropractic services and nutritional counseling go hand-in-hand to help you lose weight. If you experience back pain or neck pain, it decreases your incentive to exercise and use your body. And what you eat can dramatically impact your pain levels. Highly inflammatory diets are proven to increase pain levels in joints, muscles and bones.

In fact, Dr. Molly once struggled with weight loss. Her family has a strong tendency to be obese or overweight, and Dr. Molly was well on her way to follow suit. Dr. Molly, after having three children, now weighs less than she did in the seventh grade. She knows what it takes to experience real, healthy and lasting weight loss.

As an advocate for health, Dr. Molly is committed to sound nutritional principles and weight-loss as part of her practice. Many people struggle with their weight, and struggle to maintain a healthy weight. If you fall into this category, you are not alone, but know that you are not helpless. Through teaching and counseling proper nutritional guidelines, as well as integrating chiropractic care into the goal, you can reset your body and obtain your weight loss goals.

Many people do not understand basic nutritional guidelines, and the media and food labels do not always tell the whole story. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are the staple of a healthy diet. You need not be a vegetarian, but fruits, vegetables and whole grains deliver fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which are vital to overall health. Your body also tends to develop food addictions if you have been eating incorrectly for years.

Dr. Molly can help you get on track to a healthy way of eating, which will naturally reset your body and eliminate any food addictions or unhealthy cravings. Imagine waking up in the morning and craving fruit and yogurt instead of bacon and eggs? Or wanting a salad for lunch rather than a hamburger. In moderation, there is no food that is "off limits", but things like salad and fruits and low fat dairy products should be part of your daily dietary routine rather than bacon and burgers. If you've struggled with your weight for years, stop by Dr. Molly's Colorado Springs chiropractic office. She is an expert chiropractor as well as dietary coach who can help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals through a combination of chiropractor treatments, massage therapy and physical therapy.

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Dr. Molly will start by addressing your health, weight and wellness issues through your diet. Like gasoline in your car, the food you eat is the foundation for how your body runs. Dr. Molly believes in a natural and holistic approach to nutrition and weight loss. If Dr. Molly diagnoses you with what she calls an "overharmful lifestyle", she will address how you live and the daily choices you make, not give you a pill to "fix" the problem, because it simply doesn't work.

Dr. Molly will be your advocate for a healthy life and lifestyle. She will help you obtain your weight loss and nutrition goals from the inside out, not from the outside in as many popular methods attempt to tell you will work. Basic health and nutrition come from getting back to basics-starting from scratch in some cases if you are addicted to caffeine, have overloaded your system with sugar or are consuming too much alcohol. Dr. Molly's approach and philosophy will get your body on track, and you'll find that being healthy will also help eliminate things like having a chronic headache, back pain, neck pain and other ailments.

Having good general health will also help you bounce back after injuries and things like whiplash after car accidents. Whiplash as a result of car accidents is something that Dr. Molly sees regularly in her practice, but being prepared with a healthy body will not only help heal ailments more quickly, but actually serve as a preventative tool for back pain and neck pain. Dr. Molly of course offers massage therapy and physical therapy, which are often necessary, but once you have a healthy body and healthy weight, you may find that you require massage therapy and physical therapy treatments less frequently.

Our Colorado SpringschiropractorColorado Springschiropractor will not give you the same answers and treatment you get from a hospital. We believe that pain is a symptom, a message that your body is sending to tell you what is wrong. Dr. Molly treats your body in a holistic manner-she will indeed treat your whole body, not just the pain. As a result your whole body will heal, and your pain will diminish, and usually disappear.


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