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Children And Vaccinations

A Message for Moms About Vaccinations, Flu Shots, and Immunizations in Colorado Springs

Printed: Exclusively for Women Magazine, Jan 2001
Written by: Kelly Calabrese, MS, CCN
Colorado_Springs_flu_shot.jpgThis article is intended to help you make the best choice regarding your children's vaccines. It is not intended to scare you, though some of the information is alarming.

Since January 1990, 30 million children have been exposed to dangerously high doses of mercury, which was included in a bactericide called thimerosal.

Thimerosal was added to multi dose vaccine vials to prevent contamination. Vaccination manufacturers including Pfizer, Aventis Pasteur, GlaxoSmithKline and American Home Products are among twelve companies who have used toxic mercury as a preservative in many children's vaccines.
In 1999, the U.S. Public Health Service and the American Academy of Pediatrics jointly announced that ethyl mercury contained in thimerosal could expose children to levels that exceed federal safely guidelines.

How is it that mercury is not safe for food additives and over-the-counter drug products, but it is safe in our vaccines and dental amalgams? Mercury is not safe at any level, not safe in the consumption of fish, not safe in our water, not safe in our mouth and definitely not safe to consume via a vaccination.
Thimerosal is present in over 50 licensed vaccines.

In the first six months of life, children receive more mercury than is considered safe by the FDA. In the hepatitis B vaccine, children are given 12.5 micrograms at birth, 12.5 micrograms at one month, 50 micrograms at two months, 50 micrograms at four months and 62.5 micrograms at six months. This is an overwhelming amount of mercury, even for adults. 
So what can be done? Ask your pediatrcian for information materials that are provided by the drug company that manufactures the vaccine before your child is vaccinated. Parents should request monovalent, mercury-free forms of vaccines. Your doctor, by law, is required to keep permanent records of all vaccines given with manufacturer's name and lot number.
If you are not sure if your children have been exposed to mercury, but you are witnessing symptoms such as self-injurious behavior, social withdrawal, lack of eye contact, lack of facial expression, hypersensitivity, repetitive behaviors, and lack of concentration, I suggest further investigation. These symptoms are often confused with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Autism, but can be signs of mercury poisoning.
New York Attorney, James Filenbaum has published articles on "Your Right to Avoid Immunizations." You can reach Mr. Filenbaum by contacting him at 1-888-SHOTSNO or by looking on the web at Also, the National Vaccine Information Center is an organization that works with the government to provide accurate information on current vaccines. Also, the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) is another organization that provides to families of victims.
If your child has been exposed to mercury, there are things you can do to help the body heal from the exposure. There are many herbs and vitamins on the market that rid the body of heavy metals.

These "detox" vitamins will help any individual with mercury poisoning. There are many medical practioners who are informed, including myself. In fact, I went through an extensive medical recovery from mercury exposure, and that process is now a specialty of mine. 


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