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Our Philosophy

Have you ever been overwhelmed by supplements and the cost of supplements?

Have you ever been confused about why you are taking a supplement in the first place? 

Have you ever been exhausted by the revolving door of chasing symptoms?

Have you ever walked in the door of a practitioner's office or store with nothing but your handbag or wallet and walked out, scratching your head, trying to manage a bag full of supplements tugging you to the ground? 

If you haven't, then you are blessed.  

Our experience and training tells us that while these scenarios are common, they are not necessary. 

Our philosophy is 3 Tiered: 

1. Patients have a hard time believing what they cannot see. It's an age old problem. Jesus had that problem. Galileo had that problem. Blood chemistry testing allows both the practitioner and the patient to get a snap shot of what is going on in the body.

While we also use other methods to determine the health or lack of health in the body, we value clear communication and education so that patient and doctor understand what is going on and where the problems are. In the health care world, we call this diagnosis, and we believe it has value.  

2. We are old school. We are fans of the saying, "Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food." It is ironic that Hippocrates, known as the Father of Medicine, is the one who said this, and yet do we as patients or practitioners abide by this advice?

The first issue we will address with you is your diet, because we do not believe in supplementing over harmful lifestyle choices. Personal responsibility and wisdom are core to healing. 

If a patient consumes volumes of sugar, is severely dehydrated from a coffee addiction, and their liver is crying out for them to stop poisoning it with alcohol, then there is little that supplements can do. In this situation, supplements can temporarily mask problems, and drain your pocket book. 

We could tell you something different and sell you a bunch of supplements, but that's not fair, and it doesn't benefit you. 

So, first things first, we'd address your diet, if needed, and work with you - if you are willing - to "right the ship." We do this with an elimination cleanse to determine what foods you may be eating that are detrimental to your health.  

Dr. Molly found that gluten from wheat products was wrecking her, and for years she supplemented over her lifestyle choice. She is now gluten-free and it has literally revolutionized her health, decreased her inflammation, saved her money and helped her lose weight. 

3. We'd identify the the holes in your physiological systems and work to rebuild them with specific supplementation. Often times, when you fix the dietary issues, symptoms go away. But sometimes organs and tissues need to be rebuilt, and sometimes you are in fact deficient. We consider it our job to help you eliminate your environmental stressors and then locate and support deficiencies to bring your systems back to healthy homeostasis (or balance).

We'd love to help.

Simply call us at 719.475.8676 for a free consultation. It just might change your life. 


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  • "I was skeptical about how much chiropractic could really help me. Now, I wish I would have tried it sooner."