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Thrive Health Systems Integrates Colorado Springs Personal Training into its Health Model

Colorado_Springs_personal_training.jpgColorado Springs personal training
is often found at gyms, separate from any pain management solutions, blood testing, doctor-direction, etc. That doesn't make sense, right? Studies show that healthy, functional, regular movement decreases risks for mental illness like depression, improves sleep and energy, and decreases risk for all of the major health killers in America. 

It only made sense to offer solutions to patients' pain, in conjunction with solutions for fat loss and muscle gain. Adding this service is a fulfillment of our vision when we first started Thrive. 

Patients in pain are hindered from exercise. We help patients get out of pain while restoring healthy movement. The result is that patients lose fat, gain muscle, gain functional movement, and reduce their risk of heart disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cancers and more. 

Why Not Just Go to a Gym for Colorado Springs Personal Training? 

In no way do we intend to compete with gyms' Colorado Springs personal training, because frankly we couldn't. Gyms like Lifetime Fitness and 24-Hour Fitness invest way more than we could ever dream of into pools, saunas, stately locker rooms, etc. 

We are not a gym, we are a doctor-directed personal training facility where patients who would normally not step foot in a fancy gym with loads of sweaty bodies can feel like we are meeting them at their level and handling all the pain symptoms that go along with getting back into shape. 

We also have scripted diets that compliment a patients health goals and facilitate muscle recovery and fat loss. In some instances, we even test and analysis patients blood before and after a training block to help patients see their results, get off medications, and chart their progress.

Our value comes in the doctor-direction and approaching your weight loss goals from a health standpoint. We look at, and test, the big picture. On top of that, we rehabilitate patients minds, not just their bodies so they can go forth and be empowered to make better choices. 

Many patients' health is a result of miseducation, not missed opportunity. We offer loads of free educational resources and for patients that help them lose weight and get healthier - classes like: Healthy to 100, Wellness Orientation Workshop, Fit Will You Sit, Gluten-Free Cooking, and more. 

A great example of our re-education process is that we don't use the word overweight. Instead, we use the word "overfat." The issue with most people is not a weight issue, but a fat issue. If your body composition is 36% fat, you have a health problem. In the process of losing fat, you may temporarily gain weight, due to gaining muscle, which weighs more than fat. This is a good thing.   

How Much Does Our Doctor-Directed Colorado Springs Personal Training Cost? 

We are competitive with any gym in regard to price. Our prices start at $45/hour of personal training and then go down to $30, depending on the amount of sessions purchased. Often times, depending on how a patient pays for their care, there is even a 10-20% discount. We try to make it a "no-brainer" for patients. 

Why Not Just Workout On Your Own? 

We hope you do workout on your own, but most people don't and they need/want a jump start. We don't expect you to come to us for life for your Colorado Springs personal training needs. We expect to help you get started, navigate the pitfalls of pain, re-educate your mind to a healthy lifestyle, and give you the tools to go out and maintain your results. 

Also, many of our patients are battle severe illness, like diabetes, that has been created by a lifetime of choices. To break those habits and start a new path in life takes commitment and accountability. That is what we are here for. 

On top of that, many people workout wrong: wrong for their body type and wrong for their goals. Consider this quote from Ian Kallenbach's grandfather, who was a medical doctor (GP) in Central Missouri: 

Ian: "Grandpa, what do you think about jogging?" 
Grandpa: "All I can tell you Ian is that a lot of people have jogged themselves right into my office." 

Many people are working out in ways that are exacerbating their pre-existing injuries and creating new ones. 

Who is our Colorado Springs Personal Trainer? 

Colorado_Springs_Personal_Training.jpgEthan Boynton is our personal trainer. Ethan's passion for personal training began as a teenager when he was trained by a local Colorado Springs personal trainer. In his own words: "I thought helping people reach their health goals and look the way they want to look was so cool, and I knew I wanted to be a personal trainer."

Ethan's health journey was called to use by his father who was over 400 lbs. With Ethan's help, his father lost 200 lbs, and maintains his body weight to this day. This experience gave Ethan a passion for helping people live better lives by having healthier bodies. 

"People often don't understand how much life they miss out on by being over weight until they take their life back," said Ethan. "I love being a part of that journey."  

Ethan is a certified personal trainer from a local school that requires nine months of course work and training. He is also certified in personal training and trained by our doctors and coaches. 

But the best way to judge a personal trainer is if they live and look the part. Ethan does. 


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